Hi there! I’m Aurelian Spodarec, the Founder of LoveToCode, web developer and full-time blogger.


I created LoveToCode with the goal of building complete web-based projects and build a community – if you’re looking to make a website, head up to my contact page, or go to aurelianspodarec.com/get-in-touch.


My goal for LoveToCode is not just to help you learn how to make websites or give you useful links to resources – although I certainly want to do that – but to help you improve to get your freelance client and go beyond the concept of ‘just learning to code’, and instead think about how you are going to present your self, how you’re going to write, how to get a freelance client.


I get plenty of questions about what someone should use, or if I know something awesome. That’s why I made a resource(some links might be an affiliate) page where you will be able to search for awesome tools! You will save hours of your day by going to my resource page, instead of googling them up and search!


I want to add value to your life. I want to inspire you.


Happy Coding!