Affiliate Disclosure


Hi there, it’s me — Aurelian. Like many people these days, I’m a huge fan of transparency on the Internet. This page will allow me to be completely transparent with you, and to disclose that certain products, services, and links on this website will earn me a commission should you make a purchase using those links. The purpose of this website is to help, guide, inspire you, and to add value to your life & business, but I want to make it clear that I do this as a for-profit business, which should not come as a surprise – it needs to expand and need to eat, right? 🙂


As this site grows, it will become more difficult to make sure that every single link on the site comes with a clear disclosure that it is or is not an affiliate link. That being said, please assume that any and all links that direct you to a service, product, course, etc. are my affiliate links that provide me with compensation. I only provide links and promotions to products, services and courses that I truly believe in, some or most which I use regularly, and can stand behind.


If you have any questions regarding my affiliates, please contact me using my contact page.




Aurelian Spodarec