The Power of Flexible Content!

There is a big topic about page builders such ad Divi, Elementor and other builders.

My main concern is about using builders like that, is how they are built – they are there to serve the mass market which means they carry extra features to accommodate the versatility of what people want, usually overloading the website that hurts the speed and other factors that are involved in the website.

At the end you should use the right tool for the jobs, there is no right answer here, and I wouldn’t use builders such as Divi, Elementor or even Flexible Content for everything, said that, let’s learn about Flexible Content more.

What is Flexible Content?

Flexible content comes with a plugin called ACF РYou need the PRO version. It offers many great features, and one of the is Flexible Content. Flexible content is just like a page builder, however, significantly better Рin mine opinion.

The power comes from being able to create components/features for the website, and sort layout them however you want, update them and add new features easily. It allows you to choose from multiple panel layouts (that are easy to add) and you can change the layout however you wish, being able to re-strategize the content over and over again.

Why should I use and choose Flexible Content?

One of the great benefits that Flexible Content offers is a “drag & drop” like feature. It allows you to change the layout of the website as you desire. You can reorder the content, change the text, the images, pretty much anything you want!

How Flexible Content works?

It’s extremely easy to use!

Firstly, a web developer needs to create components you want, components are nothing more than features for the layout. Do you want a form? No problem. Do you want a feature that displays new’s feed with fancy graphics? No problem.

But how does it actually look like in real life? Here are few steps.

  1. Add a new panel

  2. Select a layout that suits your needs

  3. Add content to the panel

  4. Reorder/restrategize the content to your needs


Flexible Content is a great tool. It’s lightweight and offers plenty of functionality that you might want.

Meet the author

Meet the author

Aurelian Spodarec

Front-end WordPress developer that blogs about web development. I like using the right tools for the job. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking healthy food and then eating it. Delicious!